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Benefits of Running – Why Are You Running?

Runners run for all different reasons. For some, it’s a great outlet to get out of their element and just be by themselves and reflect on what’s going on in life, and of others, there are clear physical benefits from running.

Increase Confidence & Physical Ability

Running is hard to do, it takes mental and physical toughness, but when you achieve your running goals or milestones, you feel great! Your body also starts transforming, you look and feel great!

Stability and Strength Improve

Running drives your body to engage many different muscles and makes you move in ways that you may have not have moved before.  With these repetitive movements your ligaments and tendons start to strengthen, which is a great benefit of running.  Especially, as you grow older in age, you will want stronger core muscles and improved stability.

Relieve Stress with running

Running offers a great way for you to relieve stress and get some energy flowing in your body.  Calming your mind and getting out to be close with nature offers a great stress relief method.

Weight control & Weight loss

If you’re like me, controlling your weight isn’t easy. Between Oreos and ice cream, it’s hard to keep the weight off – but with running not only can you cut some points, but more importantly, you feel inspired to eat better so that you can perform better. Is running a good workout? Yes, it’s a great workout and it helps you get in shape quickly.

Better Lungs & Better Immune System

Increasing your lung capacity is a benefit from running that just happens as you run more frequently.  This helps you feel better and makes your body perform better as you grow older.  Your immune system will thank you for the increase activity and exposure to the world.

Improved Sleep, Mood and Ability to Focus

Several studies have shown that if you run for 30 minutes per day, your mood generally improves and your ability to focus is heightened.  Sleep patterns were also better and physiologically, people tend to be stronger throughout the day. These benefits can be seen by anyone at any age.

You will meet great people

Running doesn’t just help your body or your mind, but it’s also a great way to make connections with other people like you. Whether you are an avid runner or someone just getting started, there are people out there just like you.  Go meet them!

Improvements in your body’s strength and your mental state make running easier, even for someone that says Running Sucks!


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