Mistakes To Avoid When you begin running
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3 Running Tips For Beginners: Avoid These Running Mistakes

Some people wake up one day and say, “hey I want to start running” and others are convinced to try running from a friend or family member.  Luckily when I started running, my girlfriend (now wife) was able to give me some great tips to start running that are perfect for anyone that wants to begin running. Taking those tips, I wanted to create a list of mistakes that beginner runners should look to avoid – these are my top 3 running tips for beginners.

Choose The Right Shoes For Your Foot Strike Style

I know that if you are just starting out running, you’re going to ambitious and want to get yourself set up with all of the right gear.  Shoes are a great place to start.  Little did I know that there are so many different variables within running shoes that can make a difference when you start running.  Everything from the stiffness of the soles, to the width of running shoes, to shoes being better for pronation or supination.  Speaking of… what is the difference between pronation and supination?  Pronation means that your foot is rolling inward – as your foot strikes the ground, the outer edge of your foot hits first and then your foot rolls inward as you take a step.  The opposite of pronation is Supination, where your foot strikes on the inside first and then rolls out.  Both styles of striking have their benefits and drawbacks, the point here is to get the right shoe for your style of foot striking.

Visit a local run specialty store and get a gait analysis to choose the best shoe. Often times you can find a shoe that fits your running style perfectly. This will prevent injury and help you enjoy running.


Pick Clothing That Will Breathe & Be Comfortable

I’m a 235lb guy and the last thing that I wanted to do was buy running shorts that are skin tight and super short.  I invested in some nice New Balance Fresh 6 Inch Boxer Briefs. They have Soft moisture-wicking fabric and an odor-resistant treatment that will help you be more comfortable while you run. Not only do they help keep you comfortable and dry, they also help eliminate distractions with a snug (but not too snug) fit. I also like the New Balance Printed NB Ice 2.0 Short Sleeve shirts – they fit normal sized people – so if you’re a little bit bigger than the ‘typical’ runner, then you will like having these on as you run. Choosing the right shorts matter too – and don’t just choose shorts because they look cool – that’s a mistake that a lot of beginner runners make.   Choose shorts based on how they feel and how they fit.  It took me a while to realize that many men’s running shorts include a liner inside the short that could replace underwear if you want.

Comparison Trap: How Are These People Running Faster Than Me?

Seriously though, how is the guy that is decades older than me and in much less good shape than me able to run so fast! Well, there’s a difference between being ‘in shape’ and being ‘in runner shape’ and being in shape to run longer distances and fast is much different than hitting the weights at the gym.  You have to make running about you – it’s a personal challenge – and yes, there are others running circles around you when you start running, but over time you will improve. Small wins add up to big wins and those big wins are a much bigger accomplishment when they happen because you know what it took to get there.

Download the Strava App or another Running App and start to log some of your first few running experiences. This will give you a good baseline to use for yourself so that you can focus on YOU.


I know it’s tough to get started running, but hopefully these 3 running tips for beginners will help you get started and feel comfortable about starting your running journey.

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