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Racquetball & Running Help Me Cross-Train

For the past 20 years, I have been playing racquetball. In fact they never thought I was a runner, always wanted to play sports. During the last two years I have been running a lot more lately, and the extra running has definitely helped my racquetball game. You would think that endurance is the number one thing that it helps, […]

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best excuses not to run and motivation to help you get going

31 Excuses To Not Run – That’s One Excuse For Each Day

Every day we wake up and decide what we want to do during the next 12 to 16 hours. Will you decide to run today? Are you becoming an expert at coming up with excuses to get out of running? We all have them, some of our reasons not to run are funny, some are good excuses for not running, […]

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Hi! I wasn’t a runner either. This is my journey of understanding how to run, getting in shape, and joining the running community.

This is where I started.