ideas for not getting bored while running

I Get Bored When I Run: How to Not Get Bored With Running

I have a hard time focusing on what I am supposed to be doing during the daytime, and now I’m supposed to run for 30+ minutes by myself and not get bored?  Yeah right.

I Get Bored When I Run

Some people use running as a way to clear their mind and relax. I get bored – I don’t know what to think about and I get lost in the fact that I have X number of miles left in my 5k! If you’re starting out your running journey in the gym. Stop. Get outside. Running outside helps get your brain thinking about the environment and you get to do some exploring while running. Try listening to some music while running.

Tip: I recently bought a pair of headphones called Aftershokz Trekz Air and I love them. Trekz Air are bone conducting headphones that fit over your earlobe, allowing you to easily hear what’s going on around you. Essentially, they are on-ear Bluetooth headphones and they come in all of your favorite colors!

Sometimes Mindgames in Your Run Help You Go Farther

I do it. You do it. We all hit a point on a run where we are mentally done. It may be a short run or a long run, either way, the mental strength just isn’t there to finish. How do you get past the voice telling you to stop, and keep going?

Start gamifying your run: For a beginning runner, how far can you run without walking? For a 5k runner, how many minutes can you run at a certain pace or without stopping? On your daily run around the neighborhood, do you see that tree up there? Sprint until you get to the tree. Do you have friends that run, guess what? They’re probably bored too – go running with your friends. In Vancouver, WA we have a group called the RGC – Run Grub Chug group – and they run a 5k every week along the waterfront, then about 30-50 people grab beer at a local brewery. If you need some motivation running then drinking beer afterwards is a great way to stay motivated while running.

Running Sucks. Having a beer waiting for you at the finish line makes it all better.

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