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Jesica From rUnladyLike Shares Running For Beginners Tips

Jesica runladylike

Jesica D’Avanza has spent half of her life covered in sweat, dressed in spandex, often dumping water on her head as she runs rUnladyLike events.  Jesica and her husband are in love with our National Park Service, and they have made it their goal to visit all 59 parks throughout the United States. “While some runners are on a quest to race in every state, we’re trying to hike in every National Park (and hopefully run there too).”

I asked her if she had some suggestions for a new runner and she gave me these 2 great idea.

Don’t do too much, too fast

Running too many miles too quickly and adding intensity like speed too fast is the quickest way to get injured. Add mileage slowly, week over week, being sure not to add more than 10-15% of weekly mileage at a time. Additionally, start speed work and tempo work gradually once you have a strong base (can comfortably run three miles at least four times per week). Additionally, be sure to alternate easy days and hard days. Often newer runners want to run all of their training runs at what they would consider a respectable or fast pace, however, getting strong is just as much about running easy (1-2 minutes slower than race pace) as well.

Be consistent and patient

The key to improving as a runner, both physically and mentally, is to run consistently and be patient with yourself. Results do not happen over night. It can take months and even years to build to a fitness level that allows you to perform at your maximum potential. Just keep getting out there, showing up and giving your best. Try not to compare yourself to others or previous versions of yourself. Remember why you’re out there, and always make sure it is giving you joy.

Get the full list of new runner suggestions from Jesica.


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