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I Get Sore When I Run: Preventing DOMS & Sore Muscles After Running

I Get Sore When I Run

Me too, it’s called working out and getting your body in better shape! When you start out a new physical activity, whether it’s running or other sports, your body is going to start engaging muscles that you haven’t used in a while, or ever! Soreness and aches are normal, stretching will help, but you will be sore. Why do I get sore after running the next morning? It happens to me and it happens to everyone. Getting sore after running the next day is due to something called DOMS – Delay Onset of Muscle Soreness and it generally happens within 12 to 48 hours of high levels of activity.

What are symptoms of DOMS?

  • Typically, you will experience stiff and tight muscles, light fatigue, weakness in your muscles and muscle pain.
  • The most common trigger of eccentric contraction is over usage of a muscle, and you will notice tightness.

What can you do to reduce DOMS?

  • DOMS result of over usage of muscles or intense exercise, you simply have muscles that are being overworked and now they need to recover.
  • You can stretch more to prevent the affects of DOMS, but you will still likely feel sore the next day.

How can you prevent DOMS?

  • Preventing DOMS can be done by making sure that you warm up and stretch, even the muscles that you can’t see!
  • You should also consider taking pre-workout supplements as a way to ensure that your muscles receive energy and the ability to regenerate quickly!

How can I treat DOMS?

  • Rest and a hot bath will give your muscles a way to relax and start recovering.
  • A massage will help too – and no, not a nice relaxing massage – get a sports massage. It will hurt. It’s not a Message Envy style massage where they rub your body and lightly massage your muscles.
  • A Sports massage is meant to dig deep in your muscles and break up tissues that are tight and causing pain.

If all else fails, take some ibuprofen.

Running Sucks. And sometimes the day after sucks too!

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